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What is a Virtual Wedding Planner (VWP)?

A VWP works with couples across Canada, assisting them with wedding planning from the comfort of their home or office. We don’t require you to meet with us in person. This saves you your most valuable resource, time!

Why hire a VWP?

Many of our clients are busy professionals focused on furthering their careers. With their main focus on work, it leaves little time for wedding planning. Working with a VWP allows you to utilize your free time (morning, coffee break, lunch hour, commute and evenings) to work on your wedding from the comfort of your home or office. All we ask is that you have an email and Skype account.

When is a good time to hire a VWP?

You can hire The Wedding Executive at any time during the planning process. However, we do suggest you consider hiring a VWP as soon as you get engaged to make the wedding planning process smooth and stress-free (many of the biggest mistakes in a couples planning process can occur at the start).

Where are the VWP’s from?

We are all proudly Canadian!

What is the expected response time from a VWP?

The Wedding Executive guarantees a 48 hour response time on all inquiries and questions.

Why can’t my mom or bestie help me plan my wedding?

A lot of emotions can fly around while planning your wedding. Everyone’s family dynamic is different, but sometimes it’s nice to delegate wedding related items to someone unrelated to you. You will get a fresh response to your questions from someone not as closely related to an issue.

What can a VWP help me with?

The Wedding Executive can help you with the following: wedding design, vendor referrals, timeline creation, budget assistance and Skype calls to answer any nitty-gritty questions.

What if I need a decorator there on my wedding day?

Not a problem! The Wedding Executive can refer you to a trusted decorator in your city.  

Are there any special apps I need to work with a VWP?

All you need is an email and Skype account – easy peasy!

On your website you mention certification. Why should that matter to me?

All of our VWP are certified with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

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