We Are The Wedding Executive

A virtual wedding planning company that specializes in making wedding planning stress-free for busy professionals.

Utilize your lunch hour for a productive Skype call with one of our team members.

Industry Experience

All of our wedding planners have worked in the industry for a minimum of three years.

Brilliant Team

We pride ourselves on being polite, personable and professional.

Creative & Professional

We offer industry insight into current and upcoming wedding trends, to help you personalize you wedding day.

Complex Sollutions

We offer intricate insight into budget and timeline coordination.

Easy & Convenient

Focus on your career and family.  Let us handle wedding planning.

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

Millennials have better things to do than commuting across the city for a vendor meeting.

Utilize your time to it’s fullest and plan your wedding from the comfort of your home or office with The Wedding Executive.

The Wedding Executive

Time Is Not Limitless, So Make The Most Of The Time You Have.
Spend Your Time On What Matters – Family, Friends, And Your Career!